Are Digital Galleries Here to Stay?

  • 2020-05-13
  • A/D/O

When COVID-19 first shut down cultural institutions across the U.S. earlier this spring, many panicked. Others saw opportunity. “We crashed into a new reality, and with my exhibition indefinitely postponed, I had, perhaps, too much time and energy on my hands,” joked artist Faith Holland who, after the deferment of her solo show at LA’s Transfer Gallery, teamed up with artist Lorna Mills and digital anthropologist Wade Wallerstein to launch Well Now WTF?. The online exhibition comprises more than 80 creators contributing digital works and video art, hosted online by the “parking lot for digital art” Silicon Valet and produced by Transfer Gallery curator Kelani Nichole. This all-digital show proves to be not just a tidy workaround, but also an opportunity for the artists to thrive in their natural habitat – the digital space.