Unsecured At Any Speed: The Cyber Risks Of The Connected Car

  • 2017-12-28
  • Forbes

The masterfully intuitive UI/UX and computing power of smartphones, among a host of other digital devices we use daily, has conditioned consumers to enjoy and demand equal levels of usability and convenience with all their devices. And where there is demand, supply follows. From refrigerators to washing machines to thermostats and electric meters, connected appliances are staking out an ever-larger part of the market.

Each poses any number of cybersecurity risks and challenges -- both for user privacy as well as their ability to be harnessed as bots in a DDoS attack. But the fact is, no hacker has ever sent a fridge hurtling down a street at 75 mph. And nobody ever hauls a washing machine out to sit unattended in a parking lot for hours.