Fifteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society
CosmoCaixa Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
11–12 March 2019

2019 Call for Papers

We invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, or colloquia addressing one of the following themes:

  • Theme 1: Designing Technologies for Human Usability
  • Theme 2: Enabling Technologies in Knowledge Sharing
  • Theme 3: Learning Technologies in Education
  • Theme 4: Thinking Technologies for Society
  • 2019 Special Focus: The Social Impact of AI: Policies and New Governance Models for Social Change

Become a Presenter

1 Submit a Proposal

If you would like to present, start by submitting a proposal. You will need the following: presentation type, short/long descriptions, keywords, focus, themes, and biographical information.

View our Step-by-Step Guide to submitting a presentation proposal.

2 Get Accepted

After we receive your presentation proposal, it moves to the evaluation step. We welcome the submission of proposals at any time of the year. All proposals will be reviewed between two to four weeks of submission.

See proposal deadlines below.

3 Register

Once your proposal is accepted, you must register before our Program Development team can schedule your presentation.

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Important Dates

We welcome the submission of proposals at any time of the year. All proposals will be reviewed within two to four weeks of submission. The dates below serve as a guideline for proposal submission based on our corresponding registration deadlines.

Proposal & Registration Dates

Proposal Deadlines

Advance Proposal Deadline 11 May 2018
Early Proposal Deadline 11 August 2018
Regular Proposal Deadline 11 December 2018
Late Proposal Deadline 11 February 2019

Registration Deadlines

Advance Registration Deadline 11 June 2018
Early Registration Deadline 11 September 2018
Regular Registration Deadline 11 February 2019
Late Registration Deadline 11 March 2019

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