A Collection of Journals

The Technology, Knowledge, and Society Collection creates a place for presenting innovative theories and practices relating technology to society. It is cross-disciplinary in its scope and provides a meeting point for technologists with a concern for the social and social scientists with a concern for the technological. The focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on information and communications technologies. Equally interested in the mechanics of social technologies and the social impact of technologies, the Technology Collection is guided by the ideals of an open society, where technology is used to address human needs and serve community interests. These concerns are grounded in the values of creativity, innovation, access, equity, and personal and community autonomy. In this space, commercial and community interests at times complement each other; at other times they appear to be at loggerheads. The journals in the collection will examine the nature of the new technologies, their connection with community, their use as tools for learning, and their place in a ‘knowledge society’.

The perspectives presented range from big picture analyses which address global and universal concerns, to detailed case studies which speak of localized social applications of technology. The accepted articles traverse a broad terrain, sometimes technically and other times socially oriented, sometimes theoretical and other times practical in their perspective, and sometimes reflecting dispassionate analysis whilst at other times suggesting interested strategies for action.

The journals in the Technology Collection are peer-reviewed, supported by rigorous, criterion-referenced article ranking and qualitative commentary processes, ensuring that only intellectual work of significance is published.


The Technology Collection consists of:

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society: Annual Review 

ISSN: 1832-3669

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society: Annual Review consists of articles considered to be of wide interest across the field selected by our editorial team in consultation with the Advisory Board. Candidates for inclusion in the survey journal include top-ranked articles, works by invited contributors, papers offered by plenary speakers at the conference, and articles selected from thematic journal submissions for their for their excellence and broad significance.

Journal of Technologies and Human Usability

ISSN: 2381-9227 (print); 2381-926X (online)

The Journal of Technologies and Human Usability focuses on re-examining the connections between technology, knowledge and society. It looks at human-technology interactions, informatics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, new media, and new communications channels.


Journal of Technologies in Knowledge Sharing

ISSN: 2381-9235 (print); 2381-9278 (online)

The Journal of Technologies in Knowledge Sharing focuses on the use of technologies in knowledge creation and access. It publishes articles exploring information systems and people in organizations, research infrastructures, intellectual property, e-commerce, the economic conditions for knowledge and innovation, and the relationship between technologies, development and globalization.

Journal of Technologies in Education

ISSN: 2381-9243 (print); 2381-9286 (online)

The Journal of Technologies in Education focuses on curriculum and instruction in the era of networked computing. It explores issues relating to e-learning and pedagogy, the challenges of engagement, multimodal communications and multiliteracies, and the virtual university.


Journal of Technologies in Society

ISSN: 2381-9251 (print); 2381-9294 (online)

The Journal of Technologies in Society focuses on the roles of technologies in community formation, maintenance, and change. It examines communities of practice and knowledge-creating communities; technologies for participatory citizenship; issues of identity, disability and access; and technical and social systems of sustainability.